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Investment, Leasing and Property Management
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aboutAdam Properties is a commercial real estate company owned by Clayton W. Moore that invests in and owns and leases and manages office/warehouse and retail properties in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Moore has worked in the real estate business in Atlanta since graduating from Emory Law School in 1968. Mr. Moore is a past president of the Georgia Chapter of CCIM. Mr. Moore is assisted in the management of Adam’s properties by two of his daughters, Casey Moore and Roslyn Moore Jaegers. Sue Jiles of Jiles and Jiles is Adam’s accountant.

Adam believes in its properties, and Adam believes in its tenants. Adam’s first belief is that its properties are in the right locations. It cannot be stated too often that Adam believes in location, location, location. Adam’s second belief is that if Adam takes care of its properties and if Adam takes care of its tenants, then the properties and the tenants will take care of Adam. Basically, Adam believes in a win – win philosophy. Since 1988 Adam has maintained an overall occupancy rate in all of its properties of over 95%.